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Hi my name is Andy McLucas. I am the owner and operator of AWM Drone Solutions. 

I am a FAA certified remote pilot. 

I enjoy helping to take one of a kind pictures and videos with the use of my drone. I also enjoy creating content that can be used for video marketing or highlighting a special event.

Please check out a full list of my available services below.

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Exceeding Your Expectations


I will work with you to provide high quality resolution aerial images with my drone. I can create a 180° panoramic photo. I can also create a 360° image for you as well. I can use photo editing software to make the pictures look even more incredible.


I will work with you to capture stunning aerial videos with my drone, captured in 4K, of your business or event. I can also work with you to edit the footage together to create a unique promotional video.


I will shoot and edit a promotional video for your business or event. I can create the video in various aspect ratios (16:9, 9:16, 1:1). You can use this video to market your business or event on your social media accounts or website.


I will work with you to create a video of your special event. Whether you have a wedding, town festival, carnival or even an employee event your business is hosting, I will work with you to create a video that captures the events of the day.


AWM Drone Solutions did an absolutely amazing job on my wedding videography! From the preparation beforehand, asking all the right questions about what I was hoping to capture, to the day of, and final product I was beyond happy! He exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend him for all your video needs!

Amanda Christine

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